- Dirk's Jukebox -

After buying a jukebox --a few years ago-- I started collecting a lot of records. It turned out that a lot of my friends and relatives had old records in their basements and also through sites like eBay, my collection starting growing extensively.

As a result of that, I needed to keep track of the records I had and so I made my own simple MS Access database.

Until my son Mark suggested that it would be nice to have an online version of my collection. Mark is a web developer in San Francisco, and in his spare time he built this website for me, with a lot more features than that I had in my Access database! As you can imagine, I am very proud of it!

You can browse or search through my collection, and in case a particular record is categorized under For Sale (I have quite a few "doubles"), then feel free to contact me. Enjoy your stay on my website!

Dirk Kater